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Give the Green Light to Refugees: Human Rights Day 2021

10 December 2021

As the human rights crisis on the border of Poland and Belarus escalated in past few months, the green light became a beacon of hope for many.  Across Poland, green lights have now become synonymous with help for refugees. It lets those fleeing know that this house is a safe place for them, and they can turn here for shelter, a cup of tea, a charging spot or simply a much needed moment of rest.

10 December is International Human rights Day. To show our support for the refugees and raise awareness for the human rights crisis on the border of Belarus and Poland, we at the NHC, Justice and Peace and The Human Security Collective plan to turn our building at Riviervismarkt 4 in The Hague green.

The green lights and banners are part of the #greenlight campaign initiated by the Dutch Vereniging voor Azieladvocaten en Juristen to draw attention to the human rights of refugees in the Netherlands.

Join us in calling for safe journeys for refugees and show your support by giving the green light to refugees, to safe havens and to safe pathways. Share your support on social media by using #greenlight.

*Can’t find a green light? Place the poster in your window instead! Download here