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NHC updates: office relocation and online changes

25 April 2017

The Netherlands Helsinki Committee (NHC) is pleased to announce that the office is undergoing various changes.

Relocation office

The main office of the NHC has been relocated on April the 18th, 2017. It is now located at Het Nutshuis, at the Grote Markt in The Hague. This new office space hosts the employees of the NHC to continue carrying out their activities.

The new NHC office at Het Nutshuis (April 2017)

New NHC and SHR logo

Secondly, the NHC is delighted to unveil the new logo of the organization The NHC is a dynamic organisation, firmly rooted in the field it operates in, and the strength and activities of the organisation are reflected in this modern design.

Furthermore, a new Security and Human Rights (SHR) logo is to be revealed in the near future as well.

Updated NHC website and a new website of the Security Human Rights Monitor

Thirdly, the NHC website is in the process of a contemporary remodel. Additionally, a new website will be launched: the “Security and Human Rights Monitor” (SHRM). The SHRM aims to communicate on issues related to human rights and security within the OSCE region. Moreover, the multimedia platform will host journalistic articles alongside audio-visual material. The new online presence will expand the discussion on important issues within the OSCE region and invite a wider audience to participate in a dialogue on pivotal matters.

The NHC finds itself in a transitional period and is looking forward to sharing the upcoming changes. To receive the latest updates about the NHC, you can subscribe to the NHC newsletter below.