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11 May 2022

Capacity-building and advocacy initiatives in response to the Covid-19 pandemic in closed institutions

Recap | Systemic Backsliding of the Rule of Law in Hungary: What (more) can the EU do?

On April 19 2022 the NHC hosted an event with 4 distinct Hungarian academics presenting a comprehensive analysis of Hungary's Rule of Law backsliding.

Systematic backsliding of the Rule of Law in Hungary – Overview of the scholarly papers

The EU is harboring a Member State which does not comply with the preconditions for a constitutional democracy anymore. Ignoring this reality has dire consequences for all European citizens alike.

Open letter NGOs to EU Commission and Council on Recovery Fund for Poland and Hungary

We urgently call on the EU Commission & Council to refrain from approving recovery funds to governments of Poland & Hungary without the rule of law concerns being resolved

NGO letter to EU Ministers on rule of law and human rights situation in Poland

The NHC & 30+ other NGOs call for attention of EU Ministers to alarming developments in Poland ahead of the EU GA Council next week.

Closed Institutions during the Pandemic: Preserving Human Rights in Moldova

Learn more about one of the end beneficiaries in Moldova of NHC's collaborative EU COVID-19 Solidarity Programme.

Countering the effect of COVID-19 in Psychiatric Institutions in Armenia

Learn more about one of the end beneficiaries in Armenia of NHC's collaborative EU COVID-19 Solidarity Programme.

Ukraine: Call for Proposals to Monitor the Effect of COVID-19 in Closed Institutions: LOT 2

Find out more about our Call for Proposals on countering the effect of COVID-19 on closed institutions for Ukrainian NGOs and CSOs.

Jaap de Zwaan on Improving the Respect for the Rule of Law in the EU

NHC Committee Member Jaap de Zwaan discusses improving respect for the rule of law in the EU in the lead up to the Commission's first annual Rule of Law Report.

NHC Director Speaks on Rising Tensions Between Hungary and the European Union

RTLZ news interviews NHC Director Pepijn Gerrits about what actions have been taken at the EU in response to the deterioration of democracy in Hungary.