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Event | International Forum on European Ukraine | 15+16 November in Berlin

27 October 2022

Date/time                              15-16 November 2022, 9:00-20:30

Place                                      Berlin, Germany

Registration                          Please fill out the form before 5 November

Language of the event         English, German, Ukrainian and Russian

Registration is now open for the annual International Forum on European Ukraine organised by CivilMPlus.  The event will bring together over 150 representatives of civil society organizations and authorities, diplomats, international experts, activists and youth. The overarching goal of the forum is to think of ways to re-establish peace in Ukraine with respect for its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and with respect to international law.

The topic of this year’s event is Overcoming Russia’s war against Ukraine: strengthening links between political decision makers & civil society organisations in Europe. The two-day agenda is full of panel and roundtable discussions joined by experts on Ukraine as well as civil society and political actors, making for an eye-opening and engaging programme.

The first day will start with an opening session hosted by Foreign Affair Ministers of Ukraine, Poland and Germany, the mayor of Berlin and the winner of 2022 Nobel Peace Prize Oleksandra Matviychuk.

Following the opening, 3 panel discussions will be held:

  • I: Strengthening synergies between political and civil society actors in the field of human dimension: which joint efforts are needed for overcoming violations of international humanitarian and human rights law, war crimes and crimes against humanity? 
  • II: Strengthening links between political and civil society actors in making Europe a more secure and conflict-resilient space: what is the role of the EU? 
  • III: Moving towards stronger international civil society coalition for ending the war in Ukraine: how to achieve a stronger joint action and enhance impact on policymaking?  

The third panel will be joined by Antanina Maslyka, Human Rights Defence  Programme Manager at the Netherlands Helsinki Committee.

On 16 November, 9 expert roundtables on the topics of ranging from tendencies in Ukrainian society in the war times, to crisis of international institutions and the meaning of peace and peacebuilding will be organized.

For the detailed agenda please check the CivilM+ website.