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Mirlinda is Going to University!

02 December 2019

Thanks to the generous contributions to this summer’s GoFundMe Campaign, we are happy to announce that our fundraising goal for Mirlinda’s university fees have been achieved!

Mirlinda (not her real name) is an 18 year-old girl from Kosovo who spent most of her youth in jail. Despite her incarceration, she managed to finish her High School degree and nurtured a desire of going to university.

Read more of Mirlinda’s story here: Help Mirlinda build a future after prison

It comes as no surprise to hear that unemployment rates are high for those who have been previously incarcerated, with even higher rates for women. Education is one way to increase the likelihood of employment and can contribute to the successful reintegration of former detainees.

Mirlinda wants to study Criminology because she believes she can be an agent of change within her community. Having experienced incarceration at such an early age, she wants a chance to benefit society and search for solutions to prevent others from potentially turning to crime.

Mirlinda has since started university. Her education coach, Rita, recently sent us this message: “Today we had lectures for a whole day. Mirlinda’s motivation is incredible. She is also very smart and interested. We have a very good relationship together and we talked a lot. Mirlinda sends greetings to everyone. She is so happy that she can start this study! She thinks 2019 is the best year in her life.”

The Netherlands Helsinki Committee, University of Applied Sciences in Leiden, and our partners in the Prison Reform programme in Kosovo thanks all those that supported this campaign.