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12 April 2023

Joint Civil Society and Democracy Organisations’ Priorities for the Defence of Democracy Package

Key Concerns and Contributions to the EC Rule of Law Report

Read more about the NHC's key concerns and contributions on the state of the rule of law in the Netherlands for the EC's Rule of Law report.

EU to freeze €7.5 billion in EU funds to Hungary over rule of law concerns 

The NHC welcomes the Commission's proposal to suspend €7.5 billion of EU funds from Hungary over rule of law concerns.

European judges sue Council for disregarding EU Court’s judgement in unblocking Poland’s recovery fund

Earlier this week, four key organisations of European judges filed a law suit with the CJEU against the EU Council over its decision to unblock Recovery funds for Poland.

Open letter NGOs to EU Commission and Council on Recovery Fund for Poland and Hungary

We urgently call on the EU Commission & Council to refrain from approving recovery funds to governments of Poland & Hungary without the rule of law concerns being resolved

Jaap de Zwaan on Improving the Respect for the Rule of Law in the EU

NHC Committee Member Jaap de Zwaan discusses improving respect for the rule of law in the EU in the lead up to the Commission's first annual Rule of Law Report.

NHC and NJCM Submit Contribution to European Commission for Rule of Law Report

First Rule of Law Report on all 27 EU Member States is to be issued by the European Commission. Civil society, academia, and professionals were asked to contribute.

Press Freedom Organisations Calls for Safeguarding of Media Freedom and Pluralism Through European Rule of Law Mechanism

NHC joins press freedom organisations' joint recommendations on safeguarding media freedom and pluralism through the European Rule of Law Mechanism.