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13 April 2017

NHC signs Common Appeal “The Europe we want: Just, Sustainable, Democratic and Inclusive”, a call for unity and solidarity.

Stop the Attacks on Civil Society in Hungary

The Netherlands Helsinki Committee rejects the continuing steps by the Hungarian government to limit the space for civil society organizations.

Report Issued on State of Civil Society in EU and Russia

The EU-Russia Civil Society Forum recently published a report conceptualising civil society developments in Russia and the EU.

EU Implementation of Anti-Corruption Treaties Insufficient, New Report Argues

International law on fighting corruption is underutilized by European Union member states. It can and should play a more important role in tackling corruption involving both Russia and EU countries.

EuroPris Interview with Miklovan Kopani

In a recent interview, EuroPris spoke with Miklovan Kopani, Director General of the General Directorate of Prisons Albania.

Human Rights Situation in the Netherlands

The report Bringing Human Rights Home: Contribution to the third Universal Periodic Review of the Netherlands has provided a perfect opportunity for Dutch NGOs to cast light on the human rights situation from a Dutch perspective.

Max van der Stoel Award 2016 goes to Cypriot NGO

The Cyprus-based NGO Association for Historical Dialogue and Research (AHDR) is the winner of the Max van der Stoel Award 2016.

NGOs call for the inclusion of Human Rights in the new EU Global Strategy

NGOs call the Dutch Foreign Affairs Committee to consider that a new and ambitious European foreign policy must be based on defending the universality of human rights and international law and the preservation of human dignity.

DCI European Conference: Children’s Rights Behind Bars

The Netherlands Helsinki Committee was present at the successful European Conference on Human Rights of Children Deprived of Liberty organized by the NGO Defence for Children-Belgium.

Announcement: Lunch event with Legal Director of Human Rights Centre Memorial

On Thursday 28 January, the NHC will host a lunch event with Kirill Koroteev, the Legal Director of Human Rights Centre Memorial in Moscow.