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08 March 2024

Statement | In solidarity with Azerbaijani Journalists

Democracy Drinks: Stepping up the protection of civic space

Join us for the June edition of #DemocracyDrinks for an engaging conversation on the state of civic space in the Netherlands and Europe!

Joint Civil Society and Democracy Organisations’ Priorities for the Defence of Democracy Package

Take a look at our joint recommendations for European Commission's Defence of Democracy Package.

It’s time to renew the government’s commitment to democracy

Together with our partners from the #DemocracyUnderThreat coalition, the NHC calls on the government to renew its commitment to democracy now.

#DemocracyDrinks special edition: Summit for Democracy

Join us on 29 March for our next Democracy Drinks, bringing together democracy advocates and enthusiasts.

Conference | Democracy Under Threat

On 10 November 2022 Democracy Under Threat conference will take place in the Hague. We will discuss how to prevent further backsliding of democracy, improve democratic institutions and practices in the Netherlands and strengthen democracy abroad.

Recap | Systemic Backsliding of the Rule of Law in Hungary: What (more) can the EU do?

On April 19 2022 the NHC hosted an event with 4 distinct Hungarian academics presenting a comprehensive analysis of Hungary's Rule of Law backsliding.

Systematic backsliding of the Rule of Law in Hungary – Overview of the scholarly papers

The EU is harboring a Member State which does not comply with the preconditions for a constitutional democracy anymore. Ignoring this reality has dire consequences for all European citizens alike.

NHC Director Speaks on Rising Tensions Between Hungary and the European Union

RTLZ news interviews NHC Director Pepijn Gerrits about what actions have been taken at the EU in response to the deterioration of democracy in Hungary.