Fair Legal Process and Protection for Human Rights Defenders in Kazakhstan

25 October 2016
The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights and the Netherlands Helsinki Committee call on the government of Kazakhstan to ensure a fair and transparent legal process for human rights defenders Max Bokayev and Talgat Ayanov. The government of Kazakhstan should take immediate action to put a halt to administrative and physical harassment of local civil society activists observing the trial and fulfill its duty to provide adequate protection of human rights defenders.
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International Conference: 'Who determines the security (research) agenda?'

21 October 2016
Wondering who should take the lead in facing key contemporary challenges like terrorism, cyber-attacks and hybrid warfare, how different actors work together and what the challenges of collaboration are? Join the NHC in attending the International Conference 'Who determines the security (research) agenda?' organized by the Institute of Security and Global Affairs (ISGA) of Leiden University.
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Human Rights Groups Call to Suspend Azerbaijan from Participation in EITI

21 October 2016
Letter by 18 civil society organisations to the Members of the Board of the Extractive Industries Transperancy Initiative on the Working Conditions of Civil Society in Azerbaijan.
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Statement on the Case of Emir-Usein Kuku Prosecuted for Human Rights Activity in Crimea

19 October 2016
The NHC, along with the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (HFHR), and the Human Rights Information Centre (HRIC) demand the immediate release of human rights defender Emir-Usein Kuku, a member of the Crimean Human Rights Group.
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NHC Concerned Over Deteriorating US-Russia Relations

6 October 2016
United States-Russia relations have become increasingly strained in the midst of continuous disagreements over the handling of the Syrian conflict. Cooperation in Syria was an opportunity for the two to strengthen ties after clashing over the annexation of Crimea. However, in recent weeks, this possibility has been considered less likely.
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Azerbaijan: Results of the Constitutional Referendum

4 October 2016
With the recent economic struggle that has hit Azerbaijan caused by the decline in oil prices, the current government's grip on power has been threatened. As a result, President Aliyev held a constitutional referendum on the 26th of September, which included twenty-nine questions. Initial findings by the Council of Europe suggest that the majority of citizens voted in favour for all of the changes.
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Human Rights Situation in the Netherlands

28 September 2016
The report Bringing Human Rights Home: Contribution to the third Universal Periodic Review of the Netherlands has provided a perfect opportunity for Dutch NGOs to cast light on the human rights situation from a Dutch perspective.
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Civil Society Appeals to the International Association of Prosecutors to Uphold Human Rights

15 September 2016
Over 50 civil society organizations, including the NHC, have called on the International Association of Prosecutors (IAP) to take steps to ensure that its members act in accordance with international human rights standards.
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Book on Hate Crime, Incitement to Hatred and Hate Speech published

14 September 2016
NHC is excited to announce the publication of the book Criminal Law on Hate Crime, Incitement to Hatred and Hate Speech in OSCE Participating States by human rights researcher Alexander Verkhovsky. The book is a comparative analysis of laws on hate crime and related matters in all 57 OSCE participating states.
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NHC was present at the Association of Human Rights Institutes Conference (AHRI)

13 September 2016
Recent events in Turkey, India, Egypt and other countries are emblematic examples of a reversal of academic freedom. Under this crackdown, professors and students are being suspended, detained or even mistreated on the pretext of security and counter-terrorism measures. Not only do those practices occasionally constitute grave human rights violations, but they also put democracy and freedom into peril.
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