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12 October 2011

Mensenrechtenavond #2: Olympische spelen en Mensenrechten

Contribution to OSCE Review Meeting: Civil Society under Pressure in Central Asian Countries

Twenty years after the Soviet Union dissolved and Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan gained independence, civil society activities remain seriously restricted in these countries.

Belarus demands continued attention from UN Human Rights Council

International human rights organizations, including the Netherlands Helsinki Committee, are calling on the UN Human Rights Council to continue addressing the situation in Belarus.

Anti-trafficking NGO ASTRA, Serbia: ‘The State Does Not Help Trafficking Victims’

For trafficked victims the hell does not end when they get out of the trafficking chain.

New incidents of harassment reinforce concerns about safety of individuals viewed as linked to Turkmen exile NGO

The Netherlands Helsinki Committee and the International Partnership for Human Rights condemn the hacking of the website of its partner organization Turkmen Initiative for Human Rights, as well as other recent incidents of harassment targeting the organization.

Netherlands Helsinki Committee supports arrested human rights defenders in Belarus

The Netherlands Helsinki Committee is urging strong international pressure to immediately cease the repression unleashed on presidential candidates, on their supporters and on human rights defenders in Belarus.