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09 May 2018

Applications Now Open for Matra RoLT Training: “Public Procurement”

Capacity Building Databank Launched by the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security

Capacity Building Databank launched with an interactive map and knowledge sharing platform overviewing where Dutch Rule of Law building projects are located throughout the globe.

Rule of Law Fundamental to EU Accession

Marc Jorna of the Directorate General for the Justice and Ambassador Henk van den Dool discuss the importance of the Rule of Law at the Matra RoLT Programme Alumni Day in Belgrade.

Applications Now Open for two Matra RoLT Trainings: “Public Finance Management” and “Decentralization and Citizen Participation”

The NHC is now accepting applications for two Matra Rule of Law Training Programmes: "Public Finance Management" and "Decentralization and Citizen Participation".

Case Studies on Transborder Corruption

The ‘Expert Group on Fighting Transborder Corruption’ of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum (CSF) has released a new publication on fighting corruption.

NHC Will Attend a Conference on Capacity Building in the Justice and Security Sector

The NHC is involved in the upcoming conference ´Making a difference, working together for sustainable capacity building in the justice and security sector´ taking place on the 14th of February.

Reflecting on the First Year of the Matra RoLT Programme

Now that the first year has been concluded and new trainings are forthcoming in March, the NHC takes the opportunity to reflect on the past year.

Applications Now Open for “Human Rights & Minorities” Matra RoLT Training in the Netherlands

The NHC is now accepting applications for the Matra Rule of Law Training Programme “Human Rights & Minorities”, to be held 11 – 20 April 2018.

NHC at UN Anti-Corruption Conference of State Parties

“Information on the abuse of international standards by judges and prosecutors should be employed systematically in international law enforcement and judicial cooperation,“ says Harry Hummel.

Stop Persecution of Anti-Corruption Activists: Open Letter to the Ukrainian Authorities

We are concerned about harassment and persecution of anti-corruption activists in Ukraine, including restrictive legislation, criminal investigations, smear campaigns and physical attacks.