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23 April 2014

NHC and CILC: Quality standards in project acquisition

To Watch: An Interview With Andrei Sannikov & Irina Khalip

On March 25th, Belarusian political activist Andrei Sannikov and journalist Irina Khalip hosted a public discussion event on behalf of the NHC and Amnesty International. After the event, the couple sat down with NHC director Harry Hummel for a brief interview.

Joint NHC and CILC mission to Mali

In February, Servaas Feiertag (CILC) and Jan de Vries (NHC) completed a second mission to Mali, in the context of the Studies of Criminal Justice in Mali and Development of Special Mechanisms to Support the Criminal Chain project.

Public discussion with Belarusian opposition leader Andrei Sannikov and journalist Irina Khalip

Amnesty International and the Netherlands Helsinki Committee will jointly organize a public discussion with former Belarusian opposition leader Andrei Sannikov and his wife, journalist Irina Khalip.

NHC to enhance work in support of human rights defenders in post-Soviet countries

The Netherlands Helsinki Committee, in partnership with its Polish sister organization the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, is starting a four-year project to support human rights defenders in a number of countries in the former Soviet Union.

First Judgment Awarding Compensation for A Victim of Trafficking in Serbia Issued and Executed

In February, the Court of Appeals in Novi Sad confirmed the judgment of the Novi Sad Basic Court in civil proceedings ordering four individuals sentenced for trafficking in human beings to jointly compensate the plaintiff, victim of human trafficking, to the amount of RSD 1,000,000 (approximately €8620) on account of non-material damages.

New juvenile facilities planned in Albania

After a recent visit to Albania, representatives of the Netherlands Helsinki Committee and Dutch Custodial Institutions Agency were happy to report on promising news.

Supporting the probation service and alternative sanctions in Montenegro

Last week NHC conducted an inception mission to Montenegro for the start-up of the recently accorded project Support to the probation service and the system of alternative sanctions in Montenegro.

Editorial Manager client Security and Human Rights now live

The staff of Security and Human Rights is pleased to announce the launch of SHR’s very own Editorial Manager client.

Alarm at Growing Violence in Ukraine

The EU-Russia Civil Society Forum, of which the Netherlands Helsinki Committee is a member, is calling on the Ukrainian government to repeal recent repressive legislation and end its brutal response to the massive protests in the country.