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14 October 2019

Defending Human Rights in Turkey: Nejat Taştan

NHC Hosts Side Event “Human Rights Communication 2.0” at OSCE HDIM

Civil society and international organisation representatives discuss means and methods for human rights defenders to communicate their work in order to increase their public support.

European Leaders Must Match Rhetoric on Democracy with Action, Say Experts

Democracy support experts issue 5 recommendations on democracy leadership for the EU on Democracy Day.

What Can the Weimar Republic Teach Us About Democracy and the Importance of the Rule of Law?

It has been 100 years since the Weimar Republic. What can looking back at Germany's first attempt at democrcacy teach us about democracy today?

Why is Hungary Angry at Finland?: Debate over Rule of Law in Hungary

The rule of law is at center of a spat between Hungary and Finland, but what is happening with Hungary's rule of law? Hungarian civil society and government representatives debate this point.

Defending Human Rights in Turkey: Nadire Mater

Nadire Mater is a journalist who has been legally targeted for her solidarity to the pro-Kurdish newspaper Özgür Gündem. Solidarity for her and others who defend rights in Turkey must stay persistent.

Ukrainian Representatives Visit NHC to Discuss Effective Government-Civil Society Partnerships

Civil society and government representatives from Ukraine visited the NHC discuss how to enhance cooperation between the two sectors.

Defending Human Rights in Turkey: Pelin Ünker

Pelin Ünker is an award winning journalist targeted for her coverage of tax evasion schemes of Turkey’s political and business elite. Solidarity for her and other journalists must remain.

What If You Did Not Have the Right to Vote in the EU?

The NHC co-organised A Privilege Free Day on 14 April in The Hague. The event focused, amongst others, on the importance of voting in the upcoming European Parliament elections.

Come to The Hague Freedom Weeks: A Privilege Free Day on 14 April

In celebration of the upcoming Dutch Liberation Day, the NHC will be hosting an event on Sunday 14 April as part of The Hague Freedom Weeks. Come and experience just how much freedom you enjoy.